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Introducing Zoe’s

As a female home improvement contractor in a male-dominated field, I started Zoe’s ProEdge Painting with the knowledge that anyone can take the lead on a home improvement project. From planning, to buying the products to actually doing the work, the experts at Zoe’s ProEdge Painting show just how women are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Being well known for our willingness to tackle pretty much any home renovation project you can think of (and we have!), we can give the guys a run for their money when it comes to talent, our attention to detail and our impressive collection of power tools.

Changing the face of the home improvement industry is just the beginning. In the spirit of paying it forward, we hope to empower, not only women, but anyone who wants to finish their own project. Zoe’s aspires to be a trusted name in home improvement and a resource of information to inspire your next project. In future blog posts, we’ll have topics on must do seasonal projects and tips, how-tos, answers to common customer questions, and creative ideas. Follow along to learn how to build a table, finish your wood floor, paint like a pro or even fix a leaky faucet. With an honest look at home improvement, Zoe’s ProEdge Painting will show you how real people can make good homes better.

-Kelly Sopoliga [Owner]