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Thank you for your interest in Zoe’s ProEdge Painting! We believe the more our clients know before starting a project, the happier they will be throughout the process. Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most from new customers.

With over 20 years experience in residential and commercial painting, we paint both interior and exterior walls, trim, siding, doors, floors, decks, sheds…you name it! Whether you are remodeling your home, performing seasonal maintenance or simply want a fresh look, we provide the full range of interior and exterior services for all your residential and commercial painting needs. You’ll be surprised how much a simple paint job can work miracles on your home or business, adding aesthetic appeal, long-lasting durability, and increased market value.

At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting we expect each of our team members to uphold our exceptional standards of quality and service. Because of this, we provide regular on-the-job and formal training for all our employees, regardless of experience. We also hire individuals with a strong desire to learn a skilled trade and train them in our Painter Apprenticeship Program. These painters learn the trade and are taught proper methods and technique to become Painters, Team Leads, Project Managers, and more. We look for outstanding individuals that have a genuine passion for the trade industry and help them develop the skills needed to succeed. 

There is no charge for the estimate or to set up an appointment! During the initial estimate appointment we’ll walk your space, review your project plans, and go over ideas to see if we are the best fit for your job.

Defining a budget is the responsible way to start a renovation. You may have already set a budget or you may need help forecasting a budget. Our goal is to provide the best value for the money when investing in your home. We will be upfront on evaluating if you can get what you want within budget or if you need to scale back the scope of work.

We present the total price of your project before a deposit is made. Additionally, we provide an itemized quote of each phase of the project. The price of a newly renovated kitchen or bath with the same layout and scope of work can change as much as 35% with material selections–same amount of work just different material. We present materials for every price point. We value engineer every job so you get the desired look and design is within your budget.

Most often we require one-third of the total contract price as a deposit. Depending on the overall size of the project, the number of payments and the amount of the deposit may be adjusted.

The average payment structure for a single project is an initial deposit of one-third of the total project cost; the second installment (approximately one-third) is invoiced after demo/prep work is completed and work has fully commenced (at about 50% completion). The final remaining installment will be invoiced once the job (including any approved change orders) is completed.

Easily pay online when you receive an invoice from us. Payments can be made via credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), E-Check, or in-person with a paper check. 

This is a difficult question to answer because every project is customized. The space, site conditions, client preferences, design, and materials are all variables that impact the project timeline. Once the estimate is approved and we finalize details of the project, we will work with you to establish a schedule and timeline for your project. Some projects can be completed in a few hours while others can take several weeks or months. We do our absolute best to provide a high-quality service while being as efficient as possible. Constant communication between owner and contractor is key. 

Also, it’s important to remember for multi-day projects, often the last couple days can feel longer than the first couple weeks of the project. You have seen us transform your space from what it was to what it is going to be. When you see your space almost complete, it can be frustrating waiting on the last few details. Be patient! We are as excited as you are to complete the project, but please know those last few details can take time.

A change order is an amendment to the original contract when either the scope of work or contract price is adjusted. The most common change order typically happens when an owner requests a change that adds or removes tasks altering the initial project plan. Similarly, when material selection happens after work has commenced, the project price can be significantly more or less than the quoted materials allowance. This is why we encourage customers to make as many decisions as possible before the start of their project. 

Lastly, depending on the project, another reason a change order would be needed is after demo or prep work when we discover existing damage to the home or poor building methods that need to be corrected. Every property is different, and the majority of the time it is impossible to see everything needed during the initial visual inspection.

While changes to the initial scope of work may be required, it is our goal to minimize or limit change orders on a project. However, change orders help us in being completely transparent with the additional scope of work and projected costs. In all cases, when a change is needed, a detailed list of tasks and updated costs will be documented and signed by both owner and contractor before the new work starts.

We do all of the above! There are advantages to each method of paint application. Rolling interior walls is the most common and using a brush to create a straight edge. We often spray ceilings and exterior siding, but will always “back roll” over the sprayed area for ultimate absorption and smooth application. We know you’re curious, but whether we roll, brush or spray, our job is to make sure you can’t tell what method was used because the final product will look great, regardless.  

As a painting company, we do not outsource work to painting subcontractors. We hire and train all our employees to maintain our high standards of quality and workmanship.

In addition, most projects we do will not require subcontractors. However, depending on the scope of the project, electrical, plumbing or building subcontractors may be required. We have a strong network of quality contractors that we can recommend to complete your project.

Prep is always the first step in any successful project. Many customers don’t realize that about 70% of the entire project is prep work. This is because, if done properly, prep work is the ultimate key to outstanding results. 

Preparing the space often includes initial cleaning; applying protective floor, furniture, or window coverings; furniture, fixture and wall plate removal; careful removal of trim or other necessary items; preparing ladders or scaffolding; close examination of all surfaces that may need repairs; targeted surface cleaning; patching cracks or holes by applying joint compound or caulk where needed; sanding surfaces smooth; and applying primer. 

We always apply two coats of paint, guaranteed. 

Unless performing touch-up work using the exact same paint color, formula and sheen, it is nearly impossible to adequately cover a surface with one coat of paint. A second coat provides a smooth color change, an easy-to-clean surface, and a durable top coat that will last twice as long.

Every job requires several stages of cleanup. We clean before we start a job, throughout the job, and at the end. Also, at the end of each day we clean and organize the work space so it is ready for when the project continues. All wet items used like paint cans, paint trays, and buckets will be removed and secured. Brushes, rollers, scrapers, and other tools will be cleaned or disposed of. We will remove trash or debris and organize any remaining tools or materials into a safe and secure location.

At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting, we know that an unorganized job site is less likely to produce quality results and an orderly cleanup process makes all the difference!

Being at home while we work on a project is not necessary. While we try our absolute best to not cause disruption to your daily routine, most of our clients are away at work, and in some cases, out of town during construction. Safety and security for our team and the your property is our top priority. We will work with you to establish a schedule that is comfortable for you and your family, while preserving our standards of quality and efficiency. 

If you are interested in working with Zoe’s ProEdge Painting we may have part-, full-time or seasonal work available. On the job training is provided, but applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in the industry and an enthusiastic work ethic. Visit to see a list of our current openings. 

We primarily use high quality products from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. If there is another brand that you are interested in using, please let us know.

Oil-based paints have been mostly removed from the market for architectural applications. This is due to the constant push for less solvent and lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the paint formulas. Oil-based paints redeeming qualities include a superior smooth look, good moisture resistance, and ultimate hardness and durability. Unfortunately, because of the curing process, oil-based paints tend to become very brittle as they age, which leads to cracking, peeling, and ultimate failure of the paint. On exteriors and moisture prone areas on interiors, oil-based paints have a tendency to mildew, because some of the ingredients act as a food source for mildew.

Water-based paints, also known as latex and acrylic paints (these are the ingredients that “bind” the paint to the surface), have come so far and have outperformed their counterparts of yesteryear. Today’s latex and acrylic paints exhibit excellent qualities, such as moisture resistance, mildew resistance, flexibility, color fastness, and block resistance (the ability to not stick to itself or objects to stick to the finish, such as items on a painted shelf). Most of the water based paints we use are known as 100% acrylic, which are of the highest quality available.

We often use low and non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints. VOCs are carbon-containing compounds emitted as gasses into the air. These gasses contribute to ozone pollution, and also pollute the air inside your home. VOCs are commonly present in a wide array of household products like cleansers, disinfectants, aerosol sprays, furniture, and paint.

At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting, we provide beautiful, professional results, and are proud to be conscious of our community and conserving resources. A few years ago we formed a “green” committee, and looked at many ways we could help reduce our carbon footprint. One of the key ways was to conserve materials, and utilize lower VOC paints.

We are glad to be able to provide better choices for your paint needs. Please call, or ask your project estimator during their next visit!

Paint also comes in a variety of finishes that give your walls a different look and feel depending on the amount of sheen mixed into the paint. Paint finish comes in three general categories:

Flat Finish– also known as matte finish

Satin Finish – also known as eggshell finish or low-luster finish

Gloss Finish – also known as semi-gloss finish

While these are the general terms that surround the varieties of paint finishes there are several degrees within each such as dead flat finish, flat enamel finish, pearl finish, and high gloss finish. At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting, we understand that choosing a paint color is hard enough. That’s why we help guide you in using the right finish for every room in your home.

Lighting, architecture, and room decor are three environmental factors to consider when choosing a paint color. An ideal paint color is one that considers the all three elements and provides balance and unity to the space.

Paint and color is what we know best so feel free to reach out to us if you’re having trouble selecting a color. At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting, we offer free in-person color consultation appointment upon request. We would love to help!

Would it be an additional cost? Yes, it is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility for any color choices, and there is an additional cost for a color change. The additional cost is determined by how much of the job is completed, along with the cost of the additional paint.

A faux finish is a decorative painting technique. Faux is a French word meaning false. This painting technique is a way to replicate materials such as marble and wood with paint. There are many forms of decorative paint finishes used for walls and furniture, which include: marbleizing, wood graining, Venetian plaster, color wash, striping or streaking, and rag painting.

We do our best to minimize the down time on your job. Our goal is to deliver your renovated space back to you as soon as possible. However, there can be breaks in the work depending on the phase of the project. In some cases, trades finish faster than the estimated timeframe for that phase. For example, there can be a break in work after cabinets are installed while we are waiting for countertops to be fabricated and installed. Another predetermined break in your schedule is between substantial completion and final requests. At this point, we know you are ready to start using the space so please bear with us as we complete the final touches.

The waiting time for an estimate is generally within one week. There are times during the year and at the start of our exterior season (April, May, and June) that we get many calls and the wait time can often reach up to two weeks.

Unfortunately, the exterior of your home cannot be painted in the winter. The winter season in the central Connecticut area lasts from the beginning of December to mid-April. Temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit are what stop us from painting exteriors. If exterior temperatures are too low or too high (90+ degrees), your paint will not bind together correctly which can lead to unwelcome cracking and peeling.

High temperatures can also be an issue because the heat will cause the paint to dry out too quickly. During the hot and humid summer months we need to keep a close watch on the weather. An especially hot day could easily send us working inside. Most often we’ll try painting on the shady side of a house (if possible) and working around the home to avoid the glare of the sun. This is an added bonus because it also keeps us out of the blazing heat!

Regardless of temperature, rain can (and will) cause issues with exterior paint. If rain is expected in the next 4-8 hours we tend to hold off. It is more important that the area is dry before we paint than after to assure that we get a good bond, but we still need 4-8 hours of dry weather after the paint is applied. It’s a fun balancing act that we’ve definitely mastered over the years. It just takes a bit of patience and excellent planning.

At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting, we are known for our friendly team of professionals, delivering high quality painting services, and providing an outstanding customer experience – each and every time. Our philosophy is to take joy and pride in our work, in making you, our client, happy, and to seize every opportunity to go the extra mile. 

You will need to remove any small items from the tops of shelves and pictures from your wall. We can move the larger items towards the center of the room and properly cover and protect furniture, etc.

We will fill old holes, fix water damage (after the leak has been stopped), and any other repairs will be completed as part of our preparation. The total cost and time it takes to repair is in proportion to the amount of damage.

Yes, we offer a two (2) year limited warranty on all painting services. 

Yes, we can! We can give the name of a few recent customers to call. We also have excellent 5-star online reviews posted on our Testimonials and Google business page.

Schedule a Free Estimate

Call or text Zoe’s ProEdge Painting today at 860-834-5500 for the individual attention, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service that your next project deserves.

Schedule a Free Estimate

Call or text Zoe’s ProEdge Painting today at 860-834-5500 for the individual attention, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service that your next project deserves.