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What are you looking for in a career?

A great work environment? High-quality training? A job that is both challenging and fulfilling? Maybe you want the chance to become an expert at something, earn a leadership role, and work for a stable well-recognized company. How amazing would it feel to know that your work makes people’s lives more beautiful and provides a service to the community?

At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting, we offer all of that and much more.

Working at Zoe's ProEdge Painting Means...

Careers at Zoe's ProEdge Painting:

Steady and Fulfilling Work

At Zoe’s, we invest in our employees. Having the right team really does make all the difference! We value our employees because they are the heart of the company. We know that well-trained and qualified professionals not only offer the best service, they also make our team stronger. When you work with us, we help you become the very best. 

Hire Nice, Train To Paint

At Zoe’s ProEge Painting, no painting experience is necessary. What is required is a good attitude, an eagerness to learn, and a strong work ethic. We want to hire nice, friendly people, who know that part of their job is interacting with our valued clients and making them comfortable. We want our employees to volunteer, and to give back to the community at our sponsored events. We know we can always train skills, but you can’t train kindness.

We have a commitment to quality work and a commitment to our quality employees.

Our Employees Love Working at Zoe's ProEdge Painting

We want to ensure that each team member at Zoe’s loves their job. Our employees take pride in their work and in the reputation that Zoe’s ProEdge Painting works hard to maintain. Here are testimonials from a few of our employees.

“I love working for Zoe’s because every day there’s something different, always learning something new and interacting with new customers/co-workers. Zoe’s ProEdge Painting gives you the opportunity to grow and show your potential so the sky is the limit – you work hard and are recognized for it. First job that makes me wake up with a smile everyday.” – Anna Reed, Team Lead

“Zoe’s ProEdge Painting has provided me and my family a great home and welcoming environment from day one! I love driving by customer’s homes after they’ve been painted and seeing first hand what myself and our team has created.” – Nick Weaver, Painter

“I love working at Zoe’s for two reasons; it’s not just a paycheck, it’s a happily earned one, with the rewarding feeling of a job well done, all the while with a bunch of great friends. There’s a sense of camaraderie here that I haven’t found anywhere else.” – Phil Johnson, Painter

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Full-Time | Manchester, CT

Experienced Painter

Full-Time | Manchester, CT


At Zoe’s, we want our employees to succeed and feel confident in their work. Each new employee that we hire comes in with their own experience, skillset, and overall take on what it means to be a great painter. Training in the painting field is often informal, on-the-job, and led by experienced painters that may or may not teach proper painting technique. 

We expect all of our painters to uphold certain standards of quality that our customers have come to expect. Because of this, we train all new employees, regardless of experience or skill-level.

Our Painter Apprenticeship Program is designed to:

  1. Provide hands-on learning for individuals with little or no experience in the painting trade.
  2. Assess skill and competency among experienced painters and provide an opportunity for advancement.

The Painter Apprenticeship is made up of two positions: Trainee and Prepper. All new employees will be considered for one of these positions, depending on direct paid experience.

Experienced painters that demonstrate skill and consistently meet our standards of quality will quickly advance to a Painter position. 

Apprentice 1:  Trainee

Trainees are new employees with no prior paid experience. Their main objectives are to learn the painting trade and practice proper technique by assisting Preppers and Painters.


  • Proper identification and use of tools and materials.
  • Assists with job site set-up and clean-up; maintains a neat, clean work site throughout the day.
  • Learns and practices principles of safety in the painting trade.
  • Hands-on learning of basic painting functions and application techniques (brush, roller, etc.)
  • Learns the principles of surface preparation and assists with preparation procedures, including covering surfaces, sanding, caulking, sealing, etc.
  • Learns other methods, techniques and terminology used in the painting trade.
  • Performs support duties, as assigned.

Depending on employee availability, learning capacity, and aptitude, a Trainee should be promoted to a Prepper position within 3-12 weeks of employment. 

Apprentice 2: Prepper

Preppers are new employees that have a minimum of 1-year paid work experience


  • Helps trainees learn how to carry out the following duties and responsibilities efficiently.
  • Responsible for job site set-up and clean-up; maintains a neat, clean work site throughout the day.
  • Safely erects ladders or scaffolding.
  • Moves furniture or fixtures; applies protective coverings to furniture, fixtures and floors.
  • Removes and replaces wall plates, wall or ceiling fixtures, hardware, etc.
  • Performs all prep work (caulking, patching, pressure washing, masking, sanding, etc.)
  • Prepares walls and other surfaces for painting by washing, scraping, using sandpaper, removing old paint or wallpaper, patching, priming, etc.
  • Fills cracks and holes with appropriate material (e.g., plaster).
  • Cleans work areas and equipment.
  • Practices and performs basic painting functions and application techniques (brush, roller, etc.)
  • Performs other support duties, as assigned.

How to Become a Painter

New employees that have over 1-year prior direct paid experience will quickly advance from a Prepper position to Painter if they are consistently:

  1. Demonstrating proper painting technique,
  2. Meeting standards of quality work, and
  3. Completing tasks within the timeframe given by the crew leader and/or field supervisor.

Welcome to the Painting Industry!

Episode 1: Trade Best Practice Series –  Painting Contractors Association & Benjamin Moore & Co. Foundation